H-in-Q: world class Data Marketing. Our experts power your marketing with data to take it to new heights

Since its launch, H-in-Q served demanding clients across multiple continents and cultures.H-in-Q continues to serve high profile clients on high stake business issues.Come research the future with us and join the list of our valuable partners

OUR MISSIONThe best of Marketing, Data and AI Analytics

At H-in-Q, we reveal to you the treasures hidden in research, business, internet, and social media data using avant-garde technology


H-in-Q mission is to combine the best of Technology, Marketing and AI Analytics to offer our industry clients the best of digital.

Digital made it possible, for the first time in marketing history, to interact with consumers and measure how they feel and react on the same platform, understanding, on real time basis, what they do and why they do it offering potential to react an adapt to their needs nearly instantly.

H-in-Q offers solutions covering all marketing areas such as Branding, Brand Health Tracking, Innovation Management, Pricing, Shopper, Customer Experience, Retail, etc. We offer our clients world class solutions and unmatched client support and consulting.

Our strength lies in our continuous quest to offer our clients the most up to date marketing and market research tools, solutions and approaches such as Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Conversational, chatbots.

Our unique positioning sits at the crossroads of marketing consulting, new technologies, data management and analytics.

Our vision is to create the leader of digital in our region and rank among the global top 10 digital providers in 10 years.

+212 661 469 118
38, Avenue Tarik Ibn Ziad, étage 8, N° 42 90070 Tangiers, Morocco
Driss Farissi - Founder and CEO of H-in-Q

Driss Farissi

Founder and CEO
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H-in-Q was founded by Driss Farissi, a world class Marketing Strategist, Market Researcher and Data Scientist. After more than 25 years spent in the industry working both on client and supplier side in 7 countries and 3 continents with projects spanning all the 5 continents, Driss decided to start H-in-Q to participate in shaping Data Marketing and Market Research future.

Our Dedicated People


Boutaina Tazi

Senior Account Executive


Khaoula Farissi

Junior Account Executive Technical Lead​


Zakaria Bousserghine

AI Architect | Web & Cloud Specialist


Yacine Belkadi

Digital Marketing Expert


Taoufik El Abdioui

Digital Marketing and SEO Expert


Rajaa Zekri

Data and Digital Quality Manager

OUR MISSIONReach new heights in Consumer understanding and effective Marketing.

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38, Avenue Tarik Ibn Ziad, étage 8, N° 42 90070 Tangiers Morocco
+212 661 469 118

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