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Globally uncover actionable insights naturally conversing with the right consumers leveraging AI

Research that boosts your business growth


  • Use our pre-programmed automated or tailormade designs for any Marketing challenge you might face. Branding, CX, Pricing, Product testing, Advertising testing, etc. will have no secret anymore for you

Data Collection

  • The world is yours. Collect data anywhere. Sharply target your respondents. Don't ask them to respond picking 1s and 7s. Let them naturally express their thoughts and feelings freely speaking or writing. Experience H-in-Q's revolutionary quantitative and qualitative research methods

Analytics and Dashboarding

  • AI has changed the game all together. Extract deep and actionable insights from respondents natural input and have it available to you near real time. Experience the power of Conversational coupled with Machine Learning Analytics and data processing

Retail Marketing

  • H-in-Q offers you unparalleled experience and expertise in Retail Marketing Solutions. Experience the power of Shopper Research and Technology enabling General and Modern Trade strategies and tactics

AI based Cutting-Edge Research Solutions

Uncover Consumer Truths
H-in-Q unveils a groundbreaking toolkit that unlocks the unfiltered voice of your audience.

Converse-in-Q & HiVox-in-Q spark real conversations (AI chatbots & community discussions) to generate fresh insights you won’t find elsewhere.
BuzzPulse-in-Q acts as your social media radar, sifting existing data for trends & whispers.
All powered by AI, these tools help you go beyond the surface and truly understand your audience.

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